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“Sound future for music on mobiles” February 21, 2007

Posted by William Spear in >> News.

David Reid reports the growing prominence of music phones in the mobile entertainment space. (BBC News; 16 February 2007)

Removable memory chips capable of storing thousands of tracks are enabling owners to download and store gigabytes of songs.

But the more compelling developments are the growing number of handsets and the infrastructure supporting the download of music. Omnifone, in the United Kingdon, is one company offering a subscription service.

According to Rob Lewis, head of Omnifone. “We believe that together with 23 mobile operators and all the other manufacturers – who are already creating a billion devices every year – we can create a really compelling alternative for consumers that gives them the freedom to play and download music wherever they want on whatever device they want to buy.”

A billion devices created each year backed by 23 mobile operators means a virtual network for distributing mobile entertainment, including radio drama.

Perhaps the article could be retitled “Sound future for music radio drama on mobiles”.

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