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Dreamseed: ‘Soul Rift’ Episode 1 Principal Recording Completed February 10, 2007

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Soul Rift Cast Completes Voice Recordings

MUNCIE, Ind. – February 10, 2007 – Today, veteran stage actor Mark Bruzee of New York sent in his lines to Dreamseed, officially wrapping principal recording for the new audio drama ‘Soul Rift’ Episode 1. Bruzee, in addition to David Ault from London, Laura Post from Illinois, and four actors from Muncie, Indiana, comprise this expansive cast. The series is set in 2053 Washington D.C. and centers around a futuristic anti-ghost police force.

‘Soul Rift’ Creator and Executive Producer Alexander Davis is excited the episode can now officially be deemed in post-production. “All of the elements are in place,” Davis says. “We need a few pick-up lines here and there, but nothing major. Now that we have all lines to work with, it’s only a matter of time before episode one is completed.”

There is still a lot of work to be done. Davis continues, “Soul Rift was designed specifically from the ground up to play to the strengths of audio theatre. This would be what you might call a special-effects heavy show, in terms of sound design.”

Davis also describes finding a solid grasp on writing for audio to reach a target time. “The script was over-written on purpose. You can always cut down, but you can’t create time in post-production. This is a problem you don’t want to run into,” Davis says. “Soul Rift Episode 1 is something like fifty-two pages, but we’re targeting for a forty to forty-five minute episode. This is a standard format for hour-long TV shows with adverts, enabling us to potentially take our shows commercially to radio someday.”

Davis continues, “I’m first assembling an uncut version, which currently clocks in at fifty minutes. But with quality over quantity in mind, I’m actually looking forward to trimming and tightening up the show down to forty minutes so that it keeps moving well and thus keeps as interesting and engaging as possible. I’d call it a process of optimization and it will be a lot of fun to do.”

For more information, including casting calls, and to preview, purchase and download Dreamseed productions, visit www.dreamseed.us.

About Dreamseed, LLC

Dreamseed, LLC is based in Muncie, Indiana as a digital online entertainment production studio and publisher. Comprised of talented individuals from all over the world, Dreamseed seeks to deliver the best in a variety of digital entertainment products, including new and original audio theatre, music and casual video games. For additional information, please visit www.dreamseed.us. Dreamseed: Imagination Loud and Clear™.

For media inquiries, contact:
Alexander Davis, Principal / Executive Producer
Dreamseed, LLC

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2. Frederick Greenhalgh - February 11, 2007

Very excited to hear this work. I followed the link to Dreamseed’s page and was impressed with the job they did with “Buried in Falling Sand” — I’m sure this work will be even more cutting-edge. Refreshing to hear contemporary stories and professional production in audio theater work.

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