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Words from the Sponsors: “one buck cash says Colgate Brushless wins you in a flash.” February 9, 2007

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From October 1939 through June 1951,  Colgate Sports Newsreel aired a weekly 15-minute sports show hosted by Bill Stern.  The energy Stern gave off in his quater-hour shows kept the country buzzing for a week until his next program.

Stern layered theatrical delivery on top of quasi- or barely factual sports stories that he described as “some true, some hearsay, but all so interesting we’d like to pass them along to you.” Spiced with a roster of celebrities ranging from Abbott and Costello to Eddie “Rochester” Anderson to Brace Beemer of The Lone Ranger, the formula held listeners for a dozen years.

In the midst of every story about dead jockeys and armless baseball players, Colgate was there with Announcer Arthur Gary. A typical commerical with Gary and Stern read as follows:

. . . 

ARTHUR GARY: Men. No shaving proposition beats this – listen.


ARTHUR GARY: There’s one buck cash says Colgate Brushless wins you in a flash. Yes one buck cash says this is it for the clean smooth comfortable shaves you’ve always wanted. And here’s why.

BILL STERN: Because its light and fine texture. Colgate Brushless completely surrounds, softens and supports each bristle better than greasy heavy cream. There’s no matting down, there’s no clogging. Your razor doesn’t skid or skip when you use Colgate Brushless. Instead it cuts through clean and smooth.

ARTHUR GARY: Try Colgate Brushless. See how it does away with razor scrap and soreness. Discover how slick and smooth and downright comfortable it makes your shave.

BILL STERN: Get a large or giant size tube or jar of Colgate Brushless shaving cream. If one week’s use doesn’t win you completely, just send me back the carton top and we’ll mail you your dollar. Address: Bill Stern, care of Colgate, Jersey City, Zone Two, New Jersey. Remember…


BILL STERN: There’s one buck cash says Colgate Brushless wins you in a flash. Real fine.

. . .

There’s a story about a blind race care driver who won a 500-mile automobile race going backwards. On a bicycle. With a flat tire. And no handlebar. In a snowsorm. Wonder if Colgate would want to know about it?

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