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roooarBingo! Billy Brown wins 2007 iParenting Media Award February 3, 2007

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JERSEY CITY, N.J. – Feb. 01, 2007 — Billy Brown, the friendly bear created by Kiddio LLC, and his friend Emma have won a 2007 iParenting Media Award.

Their audio adventures are original stories featuring dialogue performed by a full cast, sound effects and music designed for children ages three – seven years old.

When Billy Brown says “roooarBingo!” he’s gotten a new idea or skill that children can learn about or identify with – from problem solving to how to hike. Kiddio’s audio adventures give parents and kids a fun way to stay entertained.

Each CD introduces new words and concepts as well. In “Billy Brown And The Mystery Package” children learn what an address is, how to use a library, and more.  In “Billy Brown Goes Hiking,” listeners hear a thrilling story of a family stuck in the rapids and how Billy saves them. Along the way, everyone learns how to go on a hike and how to enjoy the beauty of nature safely.

The 35-45 minute length of each episode engages children for some quiet time, during a car trip, or after bedtime as they drift off to sleep.

“When I was little, I would listen to my Hoerspiele with the lights out right before I went to sleep every night,” said Jens Hewerer, founder of Kiddio and “Top Kid” at the company.  “I liked the adventures and that I could listen to them anytime I wanted,” he said. These memories and a brood of nieces and nephews led Hewerer to search for similar fare in the U.S. “There was nothing like them,” Hewerer said.

He founded Kiddio in 2005, locating talent, a creative team and a production team entirely via Craigslist. Meant as a supplement to books and to parents reading to their children, Kiddio’s audio adventures offer a relatively low-technology, user-friendly format that children can listen to whenever they choose. “The episodes range between 30 – 45 minutes long, so the format is particularly good for long car rides,” said Hewerer.  Each episode is self contained – no cliffhangers here – as star Billy Brown and his friend Emma solve a puzzle or have an adventure in their hometown of Johnstown. Along the way they meet people that a young listener might see, from mail carriers and librarians to friends and neighbors.

Audio theater is a unique art form, originally created for radio dramas and a popular tradition in Germany, where it is called “Hoerspiel” (Hear play). Kiddio (short for “kids’ audio”) is the first company to reinvent the tradition for American children with an original series, featuring the escapades of Billy Brown and his friend, Emma.

Kiddio’s audio adventures are different from audio books, storytelling or music for kids. They are professionally produced CDs of original audio adventures with a full cast, dialogue, music, and sound effects that hearken back to the early days of radio – with a twist. These adventures are designed only for children, with a new CD scheduled for production every three months.

Additional information or a review copy of one of Billy Brown’s audio adventures may be requested by contacting the following:

Jens Hewerer, Top Kid
Kiddio LLC
85 Van Reypen St, N2B
Jersey City, NJ 07306
# 201.388.3847

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