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Dreamseed: ‘Soul Rift’ Episode One Casting Completed February 2, 2007

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Cast Comments on Their Roles

MUNCIE, Ind. – February 1, 2007 – The new Dreamseed audio drama series ‘Soul Rift’, which is set in 2053 Washington D.C. and centers around a futuristic anti-ghost police force, has completed casting today and is well into production. Series Creator and Executive Producer Alexander Davis carried out the casting effort, searching for prospective voice actors from all over the country.

“We’ve got some really excellent talent part of this production,” Davis says, “It’s an honor to work with all of them. I’m thrilled.” Davis also plays one of the series’s primary protagonists, ‘Spectre’, in the ensemble principal cast. “It’s definitely cool to follow the footsteps of Orson Welles and play a disembodied detective in an audio drama thriller for the 21st century.”

The sultry-voiced Laura Post plays ‘Detective Alice Walker’ alongside Spectre. Her character puts on an icy front in such a dangerous and demanding job, and hints of a past relationship with Spectre’s deceased self, Inspector Warren Granger, playing an important role in the show’s climax. Post was immediately drawn to Soul Rift and the role of Alice Walker. “I loved the script, simple as that,” Post says. “The premise, the characters… it was just very intriguing. I already like crime shows as it is, and this was just a really great twist on the sort of run-of-the-mill crime drama.”

London-based David Ault recently completed recording for Soul Rift’s first episode as ‘Doctor Julian Worsley,’ a British scientist who proved the existence of ghosts and Purgatory in the early 2050’s and is now on staff at the U.S. government’s experimental ghost-centric police force. “Julian is an intelligent guy working perhaps with people who don’t fully appreciate everything he’s capable of,” Ault says. “This could lead to some incredible stories later on down the line, with him staying good or delving a little into the dark side…”

Ault also finds his character, Julian, excellent to play. “My character is a scientist with plenty of technical jargon – I love it! He’s very much like The Doctor in some ways, but without the manic fun element… although in this story he hasn’t had that much sleep yet. Like me, he doesn’t appreciate very little sleep!” Ault continues, “Working with Alex is great fun. He’s very much committed to his business and his craft and I look forward to working with him, as well as the fantastic cast. Laura Post and the inimitable Mark Bruzee are excellent voice actors and it will be a pleasure to act with them again.”

New York-based Mark Bruzee, a veteran stage actor of thirty years who had also co-founded and ran his own award-winning experimental theatre company, plays the role of ‘Chief Marcus Herrington’ who guides his ghost-centric police force through their cases. “Mark is awesome,” Davis says. “Obviously, he’s an extremely strong actor and I have great respect for him. I hope to take his character to some pretty interesting places, dramatically.”

As for the guest stars, Keaton Wooden was cast for the part of a gritty and twisted night club bouncer, who calls himself ‘Fever,’ and serves a major role in unraveling the first episode’s plot. “Fever’s voice was very difficult to keep up for too long,” Wooden says. “I am glad he is dead, or so I think.”

Additionally, Wooden was also cast for a potential recurring role as Spectre’s ongoing nemesis ‘Osiris.’ “I think Osiris is a great new look at the classic super-villain,” Wooden says. Like Davis and his role of Spectre, a lot of post-processing effects will be applied to Wooden’s performance recordings of Osiris to convey that his voice is both ghostly and being detected through electronic equipment.

The first victim of ghost-related crime in the entire Soul Rift series is ‘Sharon Emmerson,’ a young girl involved in the S&M scene, played by Tara Branham. “I had the pleasure of working with Tara on our previous production, Buried in Falling Sand,” Davis says. “She is a very dynamic actor and I needed that for the rather creepy and mysterious part of Sharon. I needed her to tell us more about Sharon beyond what was written on the page. Who was this girl? How did she get involved in such a dark world with even darker people? Hints of all that needed to come through in Sharon’s voice, and Tara can handle it.”

Both Wooden and Branham were local to Davis and the Dreamseed studio. They came out to the studio and recorded their lines with real time direction from Davis. “Even though we can cast through the Internet,” Davis says, “it is certainly much easier to invite local actors. We’re lucky to have Ball State University, with a reputation for a strong theatre department among other things, right within Dreamseed’s reach. Being able to not only get to know our voice actors but to also direct them during recording sessions is excellent and useful towards getting exactly what we’re after. Still, it’s also great to find amazing talent online as well. We get the best of both worlds.”

Soul Rift Episode One is planned to be released as a free download on Dreamseed’s website sometime in mid February. For more information, including casting calls, and to preview, purchase and download Dreamseed productions, visit www.dreamseed.us.

About Dreamseed, LLC

Dreamseed, LLC is based in Muncie, Indiana as a digital online entertainment production studio and publisher. Comprised of talented individuals from all over the world, Dreamseed seeks to deliver the best in a variety of digital entertainment products, including new and original audio theatre, music and casual video games. For additional information, please visit www.dreamseed.us. Dreamseed: Imagination Loud and Clear(TM).

For media inquiries, contact:
Alexander Davis, Principal / Executive Producer
Dreamseed, LLC

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