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Dreamseed Launches New Site and Products February 1, 2007

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MUNCIE, Ind. – January 15, 2007 – If the early 20th century saw a golden age of audio theatre on the radio, a new entertainment company is determined to make this 21st century a platinum age on the online frontier. Dreamseed LLC, an entertainment content company based in Muncie, Indiana and specializing in new and original audio theatre productions, has launched its new Web site at www.dreamseed.us with its first title, Buried in Falling Sand, available for purchase and download.

“I enjoyed listening to the vintage radio shows on tape as a kid, and I thought this medium could be revived with today’s platforms, such as the Internet and iPod,” says Alexander Davis, Dreamseed’s Principal and Executive Producer. “As a company working primarily through the Internet, we can bring together a talented team of actors and artists from all over the world to create original top-quality entertainment content.”

A definition of ‘Audio Theatre’ proposed by Richard L. Fish is ‘a theatrical presentation intended solely for the audio medium, using voices, music and other sounds.’ “Because the scenes you hear will be seen with your mind’s eye, Dreamseed’s slogan is ‘Imagination Loud and Clear,'” says Davis. “The storytelling possibilities are endless.”

Dreamseed’s debut title, Buried in Falling Sand, comes bundled with alternate commentary tracks by the director (Davis) and original music composer (François Jolin from Montreal). The show tells a story of a near-future America, where the salvation of every worker suddenly appears in pill form, consumed daily to erase memory of time at work. Everyone in society feels like they are in a perpetual paid vacation, including the main character, Tom, who works at a video rental store while on the drug. But when he forgets to take his morning hit, his life may not ever be the same.

Dreamseed is also launching Buried in Falling Sand’s original score as a separate item. Additionally, a total of nine original music albums and EPs from electronica musician Phenex are also made available.

“In addition to artist music releases, Dreamseed has already produced a lot of original soundtrack music for our various audio theatre productions in development,” says Davis. “We’ve even hired Yasunori Mitsuda in Tokyo, a composer famous for his work with video game giant Square-Enix, as well as Jesper Kyd in L.A., also a composer famous for his work on the Hitman video game franchise. Releasing our own music is a natural fit as a supplement to our audio theatre product line.”

Dreamseed is also already in development on new audio theatre titles, which are all currently under wraps. “Some of our titles in progress have been in development for years, requiring a lot of planning for the intricacy and quality of their stories and characters,” says Davis. “We are also interested in providing a stage for other independent audio theatre producers to publish their own works, and we will help them do that with our focus on branding, usable web design, and supporting graphic design.”

Davis continues, “Our primary focus is an emphasis on quality over quantity every time. We want to make sure we get our stories right and that they ultimately capture the imaginations of our listeners. In addition, we want to present them very well too. All of that requires a lot of careful, creative thought and focused effort, but at Dreamseed we love the thrill of that challenge and hope people find the results as entertaining and engaging as possible.”

For more information, including casting calls, and to preview, purchase and download Dreamseed productions, visit www.dreamseed.us.

About Dreamseed, LLC

Dreamseed, LLC is based in Muncie, Indiana as a digital online entertainment production studio and publisher. Comprised of talented individuals from all over the world, Dreamseed seeks to deliver the best in a variety of digital entertainment products, including new and original audio theatre, music and casual video games. For additional information, please visit www.dreamseed.us. Dreamseed: Imagination Loud and Clear™.

For media inquiries, contact:
Alexander Davis, Principal / Executive Producer
Dreamseed, LLC

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