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Great Beginnings: Little Orphan Annie January 15, 2007

Posted by William Spear in >> Great Beginnings, >> Radio Drama.

From 1930-1942, Little Orphan Annie charmed listeners. She also fought crime, chased ghosts, and thrilled audiences throughout the bleakest years of the Great Depression.

Based on the 1924 comic strip by Harold Gray for the Chicago Tribune, Gray first considered a boy in the main role in the radio show. Fortunately, Little Orphan Otto never made it to broadcast.

The cast included: Annie – Shirley Bell, Floy Hughes, Janice Gilbert; Daddy Warbucks – Henry Saxe, Stanley Andrews, Boris Aplon; Joe Corntassel – Allan Baruck; Mr. Silo – Jerry O’Mera; Mrs. Silo – Henrietta Tedro; Aha, the cook – Olan Soule; Sandy – Brad Barker, and occasionally performed by the announcer or another actor; and Announcer – Pierre André.

Orphan Annie’s Secret Society, Secret Messages and Secret Codes all came to life when Annie’s Theme and Pierre André came on at 5:45 weekday afternoons.

. . .


PIERRE ANDRE:   Who’s that little chatter box?
The one with pretty auburn locks?
Whom do you see?
It’s Little Orphan Annie.

She and Sandy make a pair,
They never seem to have a care!
Cute little she,
It’s Little Orphan Annie.

Bright eyes cheeks a healthy glow,
There’s a store of healthiness handy.
Mite-size, always on the go,
If you want to know – “Arf”, says Sandy.

Always wears a sunny smile,
Now, wouldn’t it be worth a while,
If you could be,
Like Little Orphan Annie?

. . .

We’d love to be like Little Orphan Annie. “Arf!” says Sandy.

“Great Beginning,” says Lit Between the Ears.

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