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Cellphones for the Radio Dramatist December 28, 2006

Posted by William Spear in >> News.

Roy Furchgott’s article, “Cellphones for the Music Fan,” (New York Times; December 28, 2006) might have easily been titled, “Cellphones for the Radio Dramatist.”

Furchgott compares the ease-of-use and quality-of-music of the V3i from Motorola, the Walkman W810i from Sony-Ericsson by way of Cingular and the LG VX8500 Chocolate from Verizon. He also includes how the phones stack up against Apple’s iPod.

Also referencd in the article is the Fusic from Sprint, the MobiRadio service from MobiTV  and a 20-channel bundle from Sirius radio.

Certainly, music will drive the market acceptance of combination cellphone and music devices. MobiRadio and Sirius have a broad array of music to satisfy most listeners.

But as radio dramatists assess potential outlets, we should be talking with MobiRadio, Sirius and other service providers to be included. Cellphones playing music, or in our case, drama, is one more market for reaching listeners.

From over-the-air broadcasts to internet casts to satellite casts to cell casts, technology is helping us reach audiences.

Rock on.
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1. AaHomer Jay - January 14, 2012

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