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Focus on: Proposed Sirius-XM merger December 27, 2006

Posted by William Spear in >> Focus on ..., >> Out Basket.

Satellite radio operators Sirius and XM have been generating press for their theoretical and analytical musings of a potential merger between the companies. Subscriber growth is slowing for both firms and neither firm is currently profitable.

More puzzling is the lack of a compelling or differentiating programming portfolio between the two or even with over-the-air broadcasters.

We support more outlets for a greater variety of radio offerings. A similar approach in television has propelled the programming of HBO and other cable companies into the top echelon of entertainment companies in the U.S.

However, the proposed Sirius-XM merger would be the combination of two firms which have yet to recognize the full and unique strengths and capabilities of radio versus other entertainment media.

To the Managements of Sirius and XM, pause before merging and assess what radio does, how it may entertain and inform, and recognize that every listener is an audience of one.

Then, maximize shareholder value by maximizing the listening experiences of all your audiences of one.


William Spear
Two Plus Plus Productions LLC

Editor and Publisher
Lit Between the Ears – Celebrating the Power and People of Radio Drama
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