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Three Questions: an interview with … Alex Torrenegra, Cofounder & Leader of Voice123 December 6, 2006

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Lit Between the Ears welcomes Alex Torrenegra, Cofounder & Leader of Voice123 to our “Three Questions” column. Alex’s career began in 1994 at Cyberprise, a full service IT Solutions Company, and progressed onto Rentalo.com, the largest global directory of vacation rental properties, Terra-Lycos and ultimately to founding the Torrenegra Group in 2001. The Group’s technology-enabled business models led to the development of Voice123, Language123 and Casting123.


At the end of 2005, Alex became the General Manager of Voice123. Under his leadership, Voice123 has continued being the largest and most important voice over marketplace having received more than 1 million auditions by the end of 2006.


Welcome to Three Questions, Alex, and here’s the first:


LIT: How is radio drama similar to, and different from, stage, film or television?


ALEX: Most of the similarities have to do with the acting itself. Whether you are acting for a radio show, a live audience, or a sitcom, the actor really needs to feel the character he/she is representing. Because of this, many of the successful talents showcased on Voice123 have an acting background.


Most of the differences can be seen in other details of the production. While on TV and film you need a great deal of scenery, on radio drama you want to have a good source of sound effects and imagination to come up with new ambient sounds when needed.


LIT: What should radio dramatists and production companies do to reach new listeners?


ALEX: Radio dramatist should include their voice profile at Voice123. We get many production companies looking for this type of voice talents. Production companies should look into the internet, and internet marketing. Podcasting and audio books that can be downloaded online is probably the future for this type of art.


LIT: What is your favorite piece of radio drama and why?


ALEX: The famous Orson Wells broadcast of “War of the Worlds”. Not only because it was extremely realistic and live, but also because I am a fan of science fiction.


LIT: Thanks for spending time with us, Alex. Anyone wishing to contact Alex or Voice123 may find details at the company’s website.


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