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Anne Cammon: “Radio Production Companies should follow the model of record labels in terms of distribution.” November 20, 2006

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In her recent “Three Questions” interview, Anne Cammon, Arts Programmer, of WKCR FM New York, encourages radio dramatists and production companies to “follow the model of record labels” to generate wider distribution.

Read the rest of Anne’s “Three Questions” interview by clicking here.

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“i”-Pod may not mean “v”-Pod November 20, 2006

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FierceMobileContent relates a Nielsen Media Research study that Apple iPod owners listen to music and audio more than watch video.

According to FierceMobileContent,”owners of Apple’s iPod rarely employ the portable media device to screen video content.” Videos were less than 1 percent of all items played on either iPods or Apple’s iTunes digital media player.

Perhaps more interesting, video iPod owners only played videos 2.2 percent of the time. And when measured by duration of consumption, video was still only only 11%.

Long live radio drama. May it rule the iPod, vPod or any Pod.

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