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Focus on: XM Radio November 6, 2006

Posted by William Spear in >> Focus on ..., >> News.

XM Satellite Radio Holdings narrowed its losses when it announced smaller than expected third-quarter losses. As Seth Sutel reports (The Associated Press; Monday, November 6, 2006), the US$85.5 million loss of 32 cents a share was better than the expected 46 cents per share. Further, revenues also beat analysts’ expectations, rising 57 percent to $240.4 million, compared with estimates of $235.3 million.


Lit Between the Ears extends its congratulations to XM and its financial performance.


However, and of particular note, is Sutel’s reference to XM’s “fierce competition for listeners with Sirius Satellite Radio.” Indeed, Sirius is a potent competitor with a formidable lineup. Music and celebrities are only two of Sirius’ strengths.


Perhaps XM might derive a unique competitive advantage over its rival by elevating the prominence of its Sonic Theater offerings.


As Steve Karesh, Executive Producer, points out in his bio, “Sonic Theater – XM 163 is the coolest channel ‘because it combines the immediacy of radio, with the power of a story.’” As Karesh writes, “Radio dramas allow people to connect with stories unlike any other medium.”


We’d be hard-pressed to put it any better.

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