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Three Questions: an interview with … Jonithan Patrick Russell, CEO of Dream Realm Enterprises November 2, 2006

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Lit Between the Ears welcomes to its “Three Questions” column Jonithan Patrick Russell, CEO of Dream Realm Enterprises. Thanks for joining us Jonithan; let’s get started.

LIT: How is radio drama similar to, and different from, stage, film or television?

JONITHAN: Radio drama is different in many respects. I think chiefly it’s a theatre of the mind. There are no limitations on what one can conjure in one’s imagination, so audio is really the perfect medium, in a way. Because, the listener can create their own special effects in their mind. In film and television, for instance, effects can at times turn out to be NOT so special. But in the imagination the sky’s the limit.

As for similarities, I think good drama is good drama. I don’t think radio neither limits it, nor takes storytelling to necessarily any new heights. The basics of storytelling are still in place in every medium, and radio drama is no different in that respect. Only the writer can let that side of things down. While the imagination can fill the holes visually, it can only do so much when the writing is poor. So basically, if the writer is doing his or her job, the storytelling can’t fail in any case.

LIT: What should radio dramatists and production companies do to reach new listeners?

JONITHAN: It’s an interesting question, and not an easy one to answer. But I think the bottom line is good old fashioned word of mouth. You simply have to get the word out, and keep getting the word out. It’s really the best way, and in some cases, the only way.

The public has to be educated that radio drama still exists. Because, a lot of people think it died out in the 30s or 40s when film and television took centre stage, but that simply is not true. Radio drama has continued to this day. It has never stopped being made, aired or listened to. There has always been an audience, and I think, really, there always will be.

LIT: What is your favorite piece of radio drama and why?

JONITHAN: The most incredible piece of radio drama I’ve ever heard, and one of the greatest influences in my own writing in the field, was Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The radio version of that story is still the best version, far above either the film or television efforts, and even above Douglas’ own efforts at doing the series as novels.

The radio drama of that story (even the newer ones based on the later books) is absolutely brilliant. It’s as fresh today as ever it was, and its genius. The genius of Douglas Adams is indescribable. And I still have to get those out at least two or three times a year to listen to them again, they’re so incredibly brilliant.

LIT: Jonithan, thanks for sharing your thoughts on radio drama. If anyone would like to followup with Jonithan, he can be reached at darkbuilding1@yahoo.com . Or, check out the Dark Realm Enterprises website .

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