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Great Beginnings: Duffy’s Tavern October 24, 2006

Posted by William Spear in >> Great Beginnings, >> Radio Drama.

Duffy’s Tavern was a sitcom which first aired in 1940. Created by Ed Gardner, who also played Archie, the Manager, the show was ultimately broadcast on CBS from 1941-1942, NBC-Blue Network from 1942-1944 and on NBC from 1944-1952. Set in New York, the series featured madcap adventures and Hollywood’s brightest stars.

However, what set the audience’s mind for that evening’s broadcast was the show’s opening. It went as follows:



ARCHIE: Hello Duffy’s Tavern … where the elite meet to eat. Archie the manager speaking, Duffy ain’t here. (BEAT) Oh, hello Duffy.

Funny business; the intro set the style and tone for the entire program and created another Great Beginning.

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1. Caponer - October 28, 2009

You expect Duffy to answer the phone. Instead there is Archie. It is not that Archie cannot answer your question; but you expect Duffy and the line is busy because Duffy is already on the phone talking with Archie. What a way to get a fellow’s goat. Hogging the line.

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