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Public Service Announcement: Radio drama as a cure for cranky cel calls August 20, 2006

Posted by William Spear in >> Public Service Announcement.

Over the weekend was realized an usual phenomenon – the cel phone seems more of an anchor than a liberator. And an aggravating anchor at that.

The devil you say. So said.

Scenario: Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent in the world of retail shopping. Not at all uncommon. Here in New Jersey, malls and shopping are celebrated more than Bruce Springsteen.

How amazing to note the lowly and dead common cel phone – the must-have accessory – more often than not put the calls’ recipients into funks rather than a fantastic moods. For minutes on end, office topics were debated, family divisions were made public and marital discord was aired. From the outside listening in, none of the three were of significant interest.

What if those frustrated cel call recipients were receiving the next installments of their favorite radio dramas instead of audio migraines from colleagues and loved ones? What if they were listening to 10 minutes of comedy, mystery or suspence instead of profits and losses, cranky children or sour spouses.

Welcome to the Handheld Radio Drama Network (HRDN) – relief for the miserable cel call. HRDN could cel-cast programs to mobile phone and audio-enabled PDA owners on regular schedules or for delayed playback Tivo-style. All for a very reasonable monthly subscription fee.

If readers find that business sounding familiar, the Handheld Radio Drama Network was debuted right here. (“Radio drama and the passing of the PC”; Lit Between the Ears; Tuesday, August 01, 2006) We’ll keep you posted on its progress.

Long live great drama. Long live the power of voices.

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