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Welcome July 26, 2006

Posted by William Spear in >> Out Basket, >> Radio Drama.
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Welcome to Lit Between the Ears. The news and posts offered are meant to highlight radio drama in the US, identify new opportunities for the individuals and organization within the industry and spotlight where and how audiences can experience the medium.

In the United States, radio drama is a dramatic format whose prominence, but not practice, has passed. Colleagues in Great Britain, Canada, Ireland, Australia and other countries continue to entertain their audiences with stories ranging from comedy to suspense. Perhaps the US is ready to be reacquainted with an old friend.

New technologies such as internet radio, podcasts and satellite broadcasts are expanding the means to reach listeners. Audio editing software, CD burners, and affordable professional grade computers are enabling talented dramatists, actors, musicians, sound effects artists, technicians and engineers to enter the market.

Lit Between the Ears is also a series of forthcoming books of radio scripts. The stories range from adaptations of classic literature to contemporary drama. Starting with authors such as Chekhov and O. Henry, the series eases readers into a format which captures the power of the original works but presents them for the ear.

Whether you grew up listening to radio drama or think Walla Walla is only a city in Washington, Lit Between the Ears presents the enduring power of radio to entertain.


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